4 Ways to Tell If Your Spa Requires Cleaning

14 January 2019
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Whether you have a spa in your home or as part of your business, keeping it clean and well maintained should be a top priority. Spa cleaning is quite different from regular swimming pool cleaning. The water temperature, movement, and frequency of spa use make cleanliness and proper management even more important. A small cleanliness problem in your spa may also result in significant repairs down the road. For example, a heavily clogged filter may eventually cause damage to your heat pump (which will cost you much more to fix). Read More 

How to Deal with Three Common Pool Liner Problems

31 August 2017
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Is the vinyl liner in your pool driving you mad? Are you wishing you'd opted for a plaster liner instead? There's a lot that can go wrong with vinyl liners, but they're also relatively simple to repair. If you're lucky, you might even find that you can solve your pool liner issues yourself, without needing to hire a professional. Read on for details of three common pool liner problems and what you can do to fix them. Read More 

Why You May Need a Designer Pool Builder

23 August 2017
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When you're ready to have a pool installed in your yard, you can choose a vinyl above-ground pool, or an acrylic in-ground pool, and have your choice installed quickly and easily. However, having your pool installed quickly doesn't mean you'll be enjoying it for years to come! There are many reasons why it's worth the time and investment to hire a designer pool builder; consider a few of those reasons here, so you make the right choice for your new pool. Read More 

4 Pool Heating Options For Evening Swimming

18 August 2017
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A swimming pool can allow you to kick back and enjoy yourself outdoors with the rest of your family during the summer. However, when the days start to get a little shorter in the late summer, many Australian families find that it becomes too cold to use their swimming pool. However, by installing a pool heating system, you can warm your pool water so you can use your pool when darkness has fallen. Read More 

Open Your Pool the Right Way – Smart Tips for Summertime Success

16 August 2017
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Having a swimming pool in your back yard can be a lot of fun, but not if that once pristine surface is now covered with algae. If you want to make the most of your summertime fun, you need to care for your pool properly, and that starts with the moment you open it for the season. The way you open your pool can set the tone for the entire swimming season to come, so it pays to take your time and do it right. Read More