Pool Safely – Important Safety Tips When Opening Your Pool for the Season

7 August 2017
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It will not be long before the cold days of winter are far behind and the warm days of summer are on the way. When the winter season finally comes to an end, the thoughts of pool owners turn to the back yard, where that vast expanse of crystal clear water awaits.

Whether you open your pool on the first warm day of spring or wait until later in the season, safety should be your number one consideration. A lot can happen to your pool over the winter months, and even the best-prepared pool will need a basic safety checklist before it can be opened for the season. Here are some essential elements that belong on your spring pool safety checklist.

Grab a sample of pool water and have it professionally tested. Imbalances or impurities in the water will harm the filter and other components, but poor-quality water could also make you or your family members sick.

Change the filter before you open your pool for the season. The filter has an important job to do: filtering out impurities and keeping the water crystal clean and healthy. Starting the season with a fresh new filter is the best way to ensure a clean and safe swim.

Check all your pool fencing and look for cracks, splinters or other problems. Have these issues fixed before you open the pool for the season.

Make sure you know where all your pool safety equipment is located, including safety buoys, life rings and ropes.

Get certified in CPR, or update your certification if you have already completed the required coursework. No matter how careful you are, you want to be prepared for emergencies.

Perform a visual inspection of the pool deck, looking for loose boards, discolored areas, wood rot and other potential structure issues.

Complete a tactile inspection of the entire deck area surrounding the pool, feeling for loose bolts, splintered wood and other possible hazards.

Hire a licensed electrician to inspect the wiring and make sure it is safe. Electrical problems are especially dangerous around water, so an annual inspection is a must.

Hire a pool contractor for professional repairs. Hiring a professional pool contractor, such as from Leisure Coast Pool Centre, for other repairs and inspections is also a great idea to ensure your pool is safe to use.

It will soon be time to open up your pool and enjoy the abundant heat and long summer days. If you want to hang out by the pool when the weather gets hot, take advantage of the cool spring days to get your back yard, deck and swimming area in shape.