How to Add Style to Your New In-Ground Concrete Pool

15 August 2017
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Before you talk to a concrete professional or pool installer about a new, in-ground concrete pool for your property, you want to shop and compare all the options and features available for the pool and its surrounding area. This will ensure your new pool is stylish and attractive and a perfect fit for your space. Consider a few of those features here, so you know you don't miss anything, and will know what to discuss with a pool installer even while the pool is being designed.

Change up the shape

Why have a drab rectangular concrete pool when your pool installer can create any shape imaginable? As long as your pool's shape will work around underground wires and pipes, and it doesn't sit under any overhead wires, you concreter can create a heart-shaped pool, one in an L-shape, or a rectangular pool with rounded ends. You might even prefer something a bit more freeform, that just curves in and out randomly along the sides. This will add lots of visual interest and style to the pool itself.

Use offset broomed concrete sections

Use broomed concrete for the pool's deck. For this technique, a broom is brushed over the concrete, creating tiny ridges. These provide traction and a noticeable pattern in the concrete. To make the style even more unique, switch up the direction of the brooming every few feet or meters; this will create the look of offset tiles, which will offer a personalized touch to your pool area.

Add a slide

A slide is not difficult to add to a concrete pool, as the concrete only needs a moulded base for the slide, and then a pool slide added to that base. The concrete can include built-in steps, and can be shaped and formed to resemble natural stone and rock. This can give the pool a very natural, rustic look, while also offering the kids a place to play.

Add fire

Lava rocks allow you to have a fire without the risk of burning embers and dangerous, unpleasant soot and smoke. These rocks also don't need a starter, but they light very easily themselves. They're a favourite choice for outdoor fire pits, as they have little to no risk of allowing a fire to spread, and they offer a nice visual distraction with some added heat. Have your concreter create a fire pit next to the pool, or anywhere else that is safe and where you need some stunning colour and warmth.

Contact a pool builder for more information.