How to Make Your Pool More Inviting While Also Protecting the Water Health

16 August 2017
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Having a pool on your property isn't always enough to create an inviting outdoor space as the area may get overly hot during summertime or seem somewhat stark and bland rather than cosy and relaxing. If the water is dirty, murky or otherwise unhealthy, this can also contribute to an unwelcoming pool area.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do around your home's swimming pool that will make it more inviting while also improving and protecting the water at the same time. Note a few of those ideas here, so your outdoor area is always ready for the family or for entertaining.

Add some shade

Shade sails or a pergola can make any outdoor space more comfortable for you. They can also make it safer to be outside, as too much sun exposure can mean damage to your skin and eyes. A bright glare off the pool water can also be very uncomfortable and keep you from enjoying your time poolside.

Shade can also protect the health of the pool water by cutting down on the amount of leaves and other debris that make their way into the pool. This will also keep the pool water from getting too warm, which invites more algae growth. In turn, you may need to use fewer chemicals when you add some shade over the pool or backyard area.

Add a fountain

Fountains are usually not very expensive or difficult to add to a pool; these typically work with a simple pump that draws water to the fountain and then shoots it into the air. A fountain adds background noise that can drown out the sound of neighbours or a nearby roadway, and the movement of the water can make the pool more appealing visually. Circulating the water with a fountain also brings in more air, which kills germs and bacteria, and helps to dissolve pool chemicals, protecting the water's condition. Even with this addition, call on pool services to examine your pool and test the water to make sure it's safe.

Upgrade the fence

A mesh fence can be very safe and secure, but it may not enhance the look of your pool. Dirt and debris can also make its way through the fence, which can mean dirty water, especially if you live near a dirt roadway or any busy highway. Consider a solid panel fence; glass won't obstruct your view, while wood panels can add a cosier feeling to the fence. A white vinyl panel fence can serve as a backdrop for new flowers and other landscaping while also helping to protect the water from excess debris.