Why You May Need a Designer Pool Builder

23 August 2017
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When you're ready to have a pool installed in your yard, you can choose a vinyl above-ground pool, or an acrylic in-ground pool, and have your choice installed quickly and easily. However, having your pool installed quickly doesn't mean you'll be enjoying it for years to come! There are many reasons why it's worth the time and investment to hire a designer pool builder; consider a few of those reasons here, so you make the right choice for your new pool.


If you're worried about privacy from your neighbours, you may not want to settle for a premade pool, as a pool designer can note the best location and shape for a pool, so that the view is obscured from neighbouring homes. He or she can also work with a landscaper or a fence contractor to add landscaping trees or tall shrubbery, or a privacy fence that blocks the view without interfering with the area around the pool itself. This can ensure you don't feel as if you're in the spotlight every time you swim, and don't need to worry about distracting your neighbours either.


If your yard already has landscaping features, or a gazebo, pergola, or other such outbuilding, it's good to work with a pool designer. Your new pool will need to be placed in a location where it won't damage the roots of that landscaping, or splash water and pool chemicals on it, causing your plants to wither. It's also dangerous to remove too much soil around an outbuilding, as this can cause that structure to shift and settle. A pool designer will ensure your new pool works around those features, and won't cause damage to them over the years.


Do you have a nice view of the horizon, a nearby body of water, a garden, or other such feature? If so, you want to ensure your new pool allows for an unobstructed view of that area, and that the decking blends nicely with that view. For example, if you live near a body of water, you may want a deck to the side of the pool, so that you can look at the water body without the pool being in the way. If you have a view of a stand of trees, you may want a deck made of wood, so it coordinates with the tree line. A pool designer can ensure that your new pool actually enhances that view and doesn't detract from it, so you enjoy both the pool and your view!