How to Deal with Three Common Pool Liner Problems

31 August 2017
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Is the vinyl liner in your pool driving you mad? Are you wishing you'd opted for a plaster liner instead? There's a lot that can go wrong with vinyl liners, but they're also relatively simple to repair. If you're lucky, you might even find that you can solve your pool liner issues yourself, without needing to hire a professional. Read on for details of three common pool liner problems and what you can do to fix them. You'll soon be swimming again!

Your Pool Liner Is Leaking

Does your pool seem to be losing water? If you're finding that you need to add a substantial amount of water to your pool to keep it topped up, there's a good chance that your vinyl liner is leaking. While designed to be strong and sturdy, it is possible for liners to get punctures, particularly if they're old or worn. Left unchecked, a leak can corrode the walls of your pool and cause the floor surface to become uneven, which isn't ideal. To repair the pool liner yourself, purchase a specially-designed adhesive patch, apply it under water, and leave it to cure. For large rips or tears, get advice from a pool contractor.

Your Pool Liner Is Coming Out of the Track 

If your liner isn't quite the right size for your pool or wasn't installed well, it can pop out of place. It's sometimes possible to fix this issue yourself, but it's a tricky job. You'll need to heat the liner using hot water or a hairdryer, stretch it gently, then carefully lock it back into the track. You may need to partially drain the pool to complete the job. You should never drain it fully, however, as the weight of the water plays a key role in keeping the rest of the liner in place.

Your Pool Liner Is Starting to Fade in Color

Exposure to sunlight and overuse of chemicals can cause your pool to fade in color. Be careful not to use too much chlorine, and avoid adding undiluted granular chemicals to your pool, as these can contribute to fading. When the pool is not in use, cover it to reduce sun damage. If you're not sure how you should be caring for your pool, contact a local contractor for a consultation. They'll be able to give you full details on how to keep your liner in ship shape.

Problems with your pool liner? Solve them yourself using the tips above, or contact a local pool contractor for help with vinyl liner repairs.